Inframe UX/UI

Slappy'sGarageHeroImage The Inframe web experience is designed to give artists,subjects, and their artworks a spotlight. Users interested in an artists, subject, or artwork; can use inframe to support these people by buying reproductions of the original work.
My Roles
Brand Strategist, Graphic Designer, Responsive Web Designer
Brand Promise Inspired by my love for art and the intention to generate income collaborating with peers across mediums.
Objective A web experience, where users can easily find information about artists, subjects, artworks, and products they may be interested in.
Outcome The responsive website allows users to easily get information about the artists and subjects who work with Inframe. Users will also find details about the artwork and the products.
Target Audience
Artists, Public Figures, Mid-High Income, Urban
Audience Needs Users need a web experience where they can easily find information about an artist, subject, or artwork that they may be interested in. They would like to be informed about products personalized by the artist, subject, or another collaborator.
Inframe Audience Image
Inframe Audience Image
Inframe Audience Image
Challenge Presenting a variety of essential information to users, within a user friendly interface. While representing the wide variety of artists and collaborators providing art and products.
Solution To present all of the essentail information I include a variety of different sixed contect sections in the layout which could be used to display images or text.
Initial Sketches Divider
Mobile Wireframes Mobile Wireframes Desktop Sketches Desktop Sketches
High Fidelity Wireframes Wireframes
Design Process When starting the wirerframing process, I focused on displaying a simple illustration of the brand’s goals and collaborative nature. This section is also an information slider which displays featured artwork.
During this time I experimented with the brands colors as well. I decided on a three color scheme to improve the contrast of different elements in the mark and in my layouts. When I finished refining the desktop and mobile layouts, I created a style guide using the elements from the web collateral.
Prototypes & Story Divider
I was inspired to create this project because I see a need for artist to collaborate with subjects who have large followings, and vice versa. I also see a need for people to support public figures they follow. To satisfy these needs I created a brand that provides direct support to an innovative community of artists, and subjects.
Mobile Prototypes
These first prototypes, bring sharper definition the content areas laid out in my wireframes. This was also the first use of the three color scheme I had chosen. The feedback I received from these prototypes, sparked my idea for a four color scheme, and the photo treatments I developed.
Desktop Prototypes
Photo Treatments
Divider Photo Treatments
These photo treatments are essential to the style Inframe represents. They are used to showcase the artworks, and artists who create them. I drew from brand equity, and incorperated the slanted box shape from the mark. I also used opacity with the brand's tan color. The photo treatments have different groupings to show users similar artworks/artists or a wider variety.
Final Deliverables Divider
iPhone Mockup Laptop Mockup Inframe Branding